Like all websites and businesses that sell memorabilia, they usually derive from the owners passion for those items. Vintage Movie Art have been collecting items for over a decade in various forms and the last 5 years specifically in the movie poster arena. The passion arrived from collecting Fine Art and various entertainment memorabilia which then morphed itself to the posters.  The classic titles and artwork of the original posters are what keeps the passion alive.

Being a complete Bond fan, the first poster purchased was a big investment into Thunderball. Great artwork, vibrant colours and Sean looking great surrounded by ladies just epitomised the legacy of Bond. Buying one poster wasn’t enough and so the story began.

There are various personal and emotional attachments we all look for when purchasing a poster –  the film that really meant something to us – a well-known artists that designed the poster – our favourite actor or director or just wanting to find a new hobby to invest in. We have seen poster prices rise considerably over the past 5 years so they do make a significant investment.

Over the years of dealing with some great like-minded people in this arena, you get to learn a lot of things and we have teamed up with some great restoration companies and a fantastic framing service to offer our clients an all-round service which also includes sourcing a poster that you may like but we don’t currently stock.

We hope you will share the same passion as we do and we look forward to hearing from you soon.