The French are renowned for being chic. The English are the leaders of style. The 60s was the coolest decade.

Marianne Faithful is listed 25th in the ‘100 Greatest Women of Rock and Roll’. Alain Delon was one of Europe’s most desirable sex symbols in the 60s. Roger Mutton was …. well, to be honest, we’ve never heard of him!

So, mix that all together and what do you have? We’re talking about the iconic Anglo-French movie ‘Girl on a Motorcycle’. This 1968 cult psychedelic road movie by Jack Cardiff is super sexy, and so are the posters. Marianne Faithful in a skin-tight leather catsuit, astride a Harley Davidson Electra Glide. She zips through the forests of France after leaving her husband (that’s probably poor old Mutton) for hot lover Alain.  There’s a joke in there somewhere – if he didn’t want his wife to leave him maybe Mutton should have dressed as Alain?

‘She’s always naked under leather’

With taglines such as ‘She’s always naked under leather’ and ‘Sex and Rebellion on Two Wheels!’ this movie is a great example of how times have changed since the 60s. This was the first movie to receive an X rating in the US. These days it would be considered pretty tame, but that doesn’t take away from the style and evocative style of the film and its stars.

Vintage Movie Art currently has two fabulous UK Quad posters from ‘Girl on a Motorcycle’, either of which would make a fabulous piece of wall-art and be a worthy addition to any movie poster collection. One, produced for the ABC cinema chain, features Marianne Faithful’s image on her motorcycle with the faces of her husband and lover in the headlights.  This is the highest quality poster from this movie to come to market for a very long time. Totally original, without restoration, and in near flawless rolled condition (as issued). The other poster features a teasing image of a female torso in a black leather catsuit, playfully unzipped to the belt. This poster represents a true investment grade piece of original highly collectable extremely scarce cinema movie memorabilia.