BABYLON (2022) Autographed Mini Poster


Director/writer Damien Chazelle’s genre-spanning epic follows the rise and fall of several characters who are swept up in the tornado of indulgence and excess during the early years of Hollywood. On offer here is a mini poster autographed in silver-coloured ink by Chazelle as well as stars Brad Pitt (Jack Conrad), Margot Robbie (Nellie LaRoy), Li Jun Li (Lady Fay Zhu) and Jovan Adepo (Sidney Palmer).

11.75″ x 16.5″ (30 x 42 cm)

Additional Information: Signed by Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Damien Chazelle, Li Jun Li and Jovan Adepo.

Condition: Near Mint

Artist: BLT Communications LLC

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Near Mint


BLT Communications LLC