BEETLEJUICE Art Print 2018 – Matt Ferguson


An Art Print (with art by Matt Ferguson; 9/85; measures 24″ x 36″ [61 x 91 cm])

Beetlejuice, the classic 1988 Tim Burton supernatural horror comedy (“In This House… If You’ve Seen One Ghost… You Haven’t Seen Them All.”; “The Name in Laughter from the Hereafter”; “Story by Michael McDowell & Larry Wilson”) starring Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Jeffrey Jones, Catherine O’Hara, Winona Ryder (in her third credited movie role!), and Michael Keaton (in the title role as Beetlejuice, who steals the movie!)

Artist: Matt Ferguson

Note that this art print has been hand-numbered 9/85

Condition: very good to fine. The limited edition art print is in excellent condition, but it may have extremely minor defects

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Matt Ferguson


Very Good/Fine