Bruce Lee & I – Italian 4 Foglio


Qi Lin Zhang (released in the U.S. as “Bruce Lee and I” and in other English-speaking countries as “Fist of Unicorn”), the 1973 Ti Tang Hong Kong kung fu martial arts action thriller (“The most exciting KUNG FU picture ever directed by Bruce Lee“; “‘Kung Fu’ Instruction by Bruce Lee Director of ‘Return of the Dragon'”; with action sequences choreographed by Bruce Lee) starring Little Unicorn (billed as “Unicorn Chan”), Yasuaki Kurata, Huang In-Sik, Kitty Meng Qiu, Xiao Qilin (billed as “Sheau Chyi Lin”), Tina Chin Fei (billed as “Jin Fei”), Mang Hoi, Chin Ti, Wei Ping Ao, Chi Hon Joi, Jackie Chan (in an uncredited part as an extra), and someone billed on the U.S. One-Sheet as “Tsang T. B. Jau”. Note that the star of this movie was one of Bruce Lee‘s childhood friends, and remained his friend throughout his life, and was one of the pallbearers at his funeral (along with Steve McQueen).

Artist: Averardo Ciriello
 Note that this Italian two-panel was printed in 2 sections designed to overlap.

Condition: good to very good.

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