Cinderella – UK Quad


An enchanting original UK Quad for the Walt Disney 1950 animation Cinderella, undoubtedly one of the most recognised fairytales. The castle from the movie has served as the basis for the Walt Disney brand, featuring in their logo and becoming the iconic landmark within Magic Kingdom in Disney theme parks. This rare vintage Quad displays stunning painted artwork, merging the story’s key moments, the carriage, the clock about to strike midnight, Cinderella dressed in her ballgown and Prince Charming holding the glass slipper. The imagery is formed into what looks like a ticket, finished with delicate lace trim. This design rarely comes to market.

40″ x 30″ (101 x 76 cm)

Additional Information: Printed in England by Stafford & Co. Ltd. Netherfield, Nottingham and London.

Condition: Very Good

Prior to linen backing, the poster was folded (as issued). Colours remained vibrant considering the poster’s age. Sticker/adhesive residue from previous removal attempt present on “RKO Radio Pictures” text. Handling and edge wear, and small tears in top section of central vertical fold line were visible but did not affect overall image. Now presents beautifully.

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