Enter The Dragon – Hong Kong


Enter the Dragon, the classic 1973 Robert Clouse Hong Kong/U.S. kung fu martial arts action crime thriller (“Their deadly mission: to crack the forbidden island of Han!”; “The ultimate in Martial Arts adventure and excitement! Lavishly filmed by Warner Bros. from California to the China Seas!”; “The ultimate martial arts masterpiece! Lavishly filmed by Warner Bros. in Hong Kong and the China Sea!”; “The movie that made him a legend”; “Written by Michael Allin”) starring Bruce Lee (as Lee), John Saxon (as Roper), Ahna Capri (as Tania), Robert Wall (billed as “Bob Wall”; as Oharra), Kien Shih (billed as “Shih Kien”; as Han), Jim Kelly (billed as “Introducing Jim Kelly”; as Williams), Angela Mao, and Bolo Yeung
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Note that this is a “country of origin” poster for this Hong Kong movie! It is an original first release 1973 Hong Kong poster from this classic movie!

Condition: very good. The poster has a few tiny glue stains on back at upper right which has caused slight “indentations” to the front (but they are not very noticeable or distracting from any reasonable viewing distance). It has a few light creases scattered in various areas but otherwise it is in pretty nice condition and it displays quite well.

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