Enter the Dragon (released in France as “Operation Dragon”), the classic 1973 Robert Clouse Hong Kong/U.S. kung fu martial arts action crime thriller (“Their deadly mission: to crack the forbidden island of Han!”; “The ultimate in Martial Arts adventure and excitement! Lavishly filmed by Warner Bros. from California to the China Seas!”; “The ultimate martial arts masterpiece! Lavishly filmed by Warner Bros. in Hong Kong and the China Sea!”; “The movie that made him a legend”; “Written by Michael Allin”) starring Bruce Lee (as Lee), John Saxon (as Roper), Ahna Capri (as Tania), Robert Wall (billed as “Bob Wall”; as Oharra), Kien Shih (billed as “Shih Kien”; as Han), Jim Kelly (billed as “Introducing Jim Kelly“; as Williams), Angela Mao, and Bolo Yeung

Artist: Omer Muz

Condition: very good. The poster was never folded. It has some darkening on the outer blank border edges but otherwise it is in pretty nice condition!

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