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JAMES BOND: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (1981) – UK Quad – Finished artwork by Brian Bysouth from a design by Bill Gold – 30″ x 40″ (76 x 101.5 cm) – NB COMMENT FROM THE ARTIST BRIAN BYSOUTH: To aid production of the varied poster formats, I was asked to paint the art in two parts. The first was the ‘Legs’ and Bond figure, this was then sent to the client for transparencies to be made. I then continued with finishing the painting of the full width quad montage.When the legs were returned to me, I stripped the art from it’s backing board and pasted it onto the full width quad art.Transparencies were then made of the complete poster. It is just possible to just detect the fine cut around the legs.Long before computers became available, stripping, cutting and pasting separate elements of artwork together was the accepted way to adapt an art montage to fit the many different poster sizes.Incidentally, I was briefed by Eric Pulford to supply the finished illustration from his original design.Bill Gold has frequently been credited with the design, but to my knowledge, his contribution was to create the photograph of the Bond figure between the legs. This image may have been commissioned for the American one sheet. He asked the model to wear her bikini pants back-to-front for a sexier look. His original concept was incorporated by Eric Pulford into the poster campaign.

Poster is folded and is in pretty good condition


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