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Ian Fleming’s From Russia with Love, the 1963 (released in the U.S. in 1964) Terence Young English James Bond 007 secret agent spy espionage fantasy action adventure thriller (“James Bond is back!”; “Meet James Bond, secret agent 007, His new incredible women… His new incredible enemies… His new incredible adventures…!”; “Target: The unkillable James Bond 007″; “Blast him! Seduce him! Bomb him! Strangle him!”; “The world’s masters of murder pull out all the stops to destroy Agent 007!”; “69,000,007 James Bond fans live in a throbbing world of hot-blooded excitement!”; “Don’t you think it’s time you met secret agent 007? Now his incredible women…his incredible enemies… his incredible new adventures explode on the screen!!!”; based on the famous novels by Ian Fleming) starring Sean Connery (“as James Bond“), Robert Shaw, Pedro Armendariz, Lotte LenyaBernard Lee (as “M”), Daniela Bianchi (billed as “and introducing Daniela Bianchi“; as Tatiana Romanova), Eunice Gayson, Nadja Regin, Lois Maxwell (as Miss Moneypenny), Water Gotell, Jan Williams, Lisa Guirautf, and Aliza Gur

Note that there is an oddity to the first release lobby cards for this James Bond movie! There are two different sets of cards that appear identical in every way, EXCEPT on one of the sets of cards, the photo images are black and white, and on the other they have a red tint. There are lots of examples of each, so there is no change that one was some sort of test. What is much more likely is that the movie was so popular that many lobby cards were needed, and they were printed in two different versions, for unknown reasons. It is possible that one version predates the other, but it is impossible to know which, and we know of no collectors who place a premium on either type. Finally, note that the two sets have different numbering for the scenes, so, for example, the number on this card does not match the number that is on the card with the same image from the other set.

Condition: fine. Note that the lobby cards are in excellent condition and is completely unrestored and there is not a single piece of tape on either the front or back of the card! The new owner of this card will find it hard to believe that the card was not recently created, but we assure you it is 100% original from 1964, even though it has survived so amazingly well!

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Daniela Bianchi, Lotte Lenya, Pedro Armendariz, Robert Shaw, Sean Connery




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