An Original Vintage Theatrical Linenbacked Three-Sheet Movie Poster (3sh; measures 41″ x 81″ [104 x 206 cm])

the 1966 double-bill release (“Miss Honey and Miss Galore have James Bond back for more!”; “Goldfinger and Dr. No say: ‘WE’RE GETTING ANOTHER SHOT AT 007 – TOGETHER'”) of Ian Fleming’s Goldfinger, the classic 1964 Guy Hamilton English James Bond 007 spy espionage fantasy action adventure thriller (“James Bond is back in action!”; “Everything he touches turns to excitement!”; based on the novels by Ian Fleming) starring Sean Connery (“as Agent 007”), Honor Blackman (as “Pussy Galore”), Gert Froebe (in the title role billed as “Gert Froebe as Goldfinger”), Harold Sakata (as “Oddjob”), Shirley Eaton, Tania Mallet, and Bernard Lee AND Ian Fleming’s Dr. No, the classic 1962 Terence Young English James Bond 007 secret agent spy espionage romantic fantasy action adventure thriller (“NOW… Meet the most extraordinary gentleman spy in all fiction…….. JAMES BOND Agent 007…!”; “The first James Bond film adventure!”; “JAMES BOND, his code 007”; “The double ‘0’ means he has a license to kill when he chooses… Where he chooses… Whom he chooses!”; “Now he is a flesh and blood experience on the screen!”; based on the novels by Ian Fleming) starring Sean Connery (“as James Bond”), Ursula Andress, Joseph Wiseman (in the title role “as Dr. No”), Jack Lord, Bernard Lee, John Kitzmiller, and Eunice Gayson

Restored onto linen in great shape and very well presented

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