James Bond: Goldfinger Art Print by & signed by Paul Mann


GOLDFINGER signed #7/21 artist’s proof 24×36 art print 2019 by Paul Mann

An Art Print (signed by artist Paul Mann; 7/21; artist’s proof; measures 24″ x 36″ [61 x 91 cm])

Ian Fleming’s Goldfinger, the classic 1964 Guy Hamilton English James Bond 007 spy espionage fantasy action adventure thriller (“James Bond is back in action!”; “Everything he touches turns to excitement!!!”; based on the novels by Ian Fleming) starring Sean Connery (“as Agent 007”), Honor Blackman (“as Pussy Galore”), Gert Frobe (in the title role; billed as “Gert Frobe as Goldfinger”), Harold Sakata (as “Oddjob”), Shirley Eaton (as Jill Masterson, the woman covered in gold paint in the film), Tania Mallet (as Tilly Masterson), Bernard Lee (as “M”), Margaret Nolan (as the girl who provides the background for the main titles, the “nude gold girl” on posters, and also as “Dink”, one of the Bond girls!), Nadja Regin, Gerry Duggan, Lois Maxwell (as Moneypenny), Richard Vernon, and Cec Linder

Artist: Paul Mann

Note that this art print has been personally autographed (signed) by Paul Mann and hand-numbered 7/21! Also note that this print is an “artist’s proof” that was printed in a much lesser amount for the artist by the printer (note that “AP” written on the print). Since AP’s are “closer to the artist’s hand” they tend to be much more valuable than the prints of a signed and numbered limited edition

Condition: very good to fine. The limited edition art print is in excellent condition, but it may have extremely minor defects

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Paul Mann