Mad Max – Rare Orange 1st printing Austrailian 1 sheet


Mad Max, the classic 1979 (released in most English-speaking countries outside of Australia in 1980, and released in Italy as “Interceptor”) George Miller Australian post-apocalyptic futuristic action crime thriller (“The Maximum Force of the Future.”; “When the gangs take over the highway… Remember he’s on your side”; “The last law in a world gone out of control. Pray that he’s out there somewhere.”; “Music by Brian May”; “Written by James McCausland and George Miller”) starring Mel Gibson (in the title role as Mad Max Rockatansky), Joanne Samuel, Hugh Keays-Byrne (as Toecutter), Steve Bisley, Tim Burns, and Roger Ward
Also note that this movie had a very limited first release in 1979, and the one-sheets and daybills are a sort of purple color. When it became a big hit, a very limited number of orange posters were printed, and then “matte finish” blue posters were printed, all in 1979 (the matte finish blue posters were printed when the movie proved to be a hit, continuing the play in drive-ins!). In 1981, the movie had a major re-release, and glossy blue posters were printed for that re-release (and the re-release one-sheet does not have “MAPS” in the bottom-right corner, but the re-release daybill does).  This is a rare opportunity to acquire the most desired and most rare posters from this classic movie! Also note that this Australian one-sheet measures 26 3/4″ x 40 1/4″.

Condition: very good. The poster has very tiny pinholes in the corners but is otherwise in really nice condition!

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Joanne Samuel, Mel Gibson




Very Good/Fine




27 x 40


George Miller


Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi