MAD – Outrageous Alfred E. Neuman – Art Print 2018 Mondo by Jason Edmiston


Limited Edition Art Print (art by Jason Edmiston) measures 18″ x 24″

Mad, the classic humour magazine from the 1950s to the present. It was originally a comic book published by Bill Gaines, but edited by Harvey Kurtzman, and it was one of the famous EC Comics (E.C. Comics) that were banned in the mid-1950s, due to excessive horror content. At that point, publisher Gaines turned it into a magazine with its 24th issue, and he and Kurtzman soon had a falling out, and Al Feldstein, who had been Gaines’ writing partner on the Mad comic books, took over, and the magazine became one of the great success stories of the 1950s and 1960s (led by its trademark character, Alfred E. Neuman, a goofy looking guy whose slogan was “What, me worry?”), with a circulation in the millions at its peak.

Artist: Jason Edmiston

Condition: fine

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