Metropolis 1927


Laurent Durieux’s Metropolis was the first poster released for Dark Hall Mansions – Seminal Film Series. Its futuristic vision and singularly intense direction by pioneering legend Fritz Lang took almost two years to complete. Its monumental influence on artists mining all fields of creative endeavour continues to this very day. Be it Superman creators Siegel and Shuster’s naming of their hero’s city or the similarity of George Lucas’ C-3PO and the iconic “Metropolis” robot, the impact of “Metropolis” will be felt for generations to come. The very exclusive metal version is offered here, printed onto a piece of heavy sheet metal.
It was released in a small run of 10 and this example is hand-numbered #9/10. Dark Hall Mansion was the first to introduce Durieux’s work to the alternative movie poster and US markets, allowing his designs to reach a worldwide audience and gain a huge following. Several of the designs included in this collection are some of his earliest works, making them extremely scarce.

Provenance: This lot originates from the Dark Hall Mansion archive. Beginning in 2011, Dark Hall Mansion had established itself as one of the leading names in offering creative and in-demand alternative movie posters. Over the years, they released an array of poster designs created by leading and established artists who produced imaginative interpretations of cinema, music and more. Most importantly, their releases were officially licensed by the film, television, and music brands they worked with, making their posters part of the official collecting legacies of these classic titles.

36″ x 24″ (91 x 61 cm)

Additional Information: Hand-Numbered #9/10

Condition: Very Fine

Unrestored. Some hairline scratches and small areas of surface wear revealing the metal under the image.

Artist: Laurent Durieux

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Laurent Durieux


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