Moonraker – Door Panel


an Fleming’s Moonraker, the 1979 Lewis Gilbert English/French/U.S. James Bond 007 secret agent outer space science fiction (sci-fi) spy espionage action adventure fantasy thriller (“Outer space now belongs to 007”; “Where all the other Bonds end… this one begins!”; “The girls are out of this world”; “The villains are out of this world”; “‘Moonraker’ is out of this world”: “The action is out of this world”; based on the novels by Ian Fleming) starring Roger Moore (as James Bond 007), Lois Chiles (as Dr. Holly Goodhead), Richard Kiel (“as ‘Jaws'”), Michael Lonsdale (“as ‘Drax'”), Corinne Clery, Bernard Lee (as “M”), Lois Maxwell (as Miss Moneypenny), Desmond Llewelyn (as “Q”), Emily Bolton, and Blanche Revalec

UK Door Panel film poster, rolled on linen, approximately 29 1/2 x 86 inches. In great condition – The word “Moonraker” has been removed for some unknown reason but the poster displays very well

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Bernard Lee, Richard Kiel, Roger Moore




United Kingdom


Lewis Gilbert


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