Peter Pan – UK Quad


Peter Pan (RKO, 1953). Very Fine- on Linen. British Quad (30″ X 40″).
Walt Disney’s fantastical animated adventure based on J.M. Barrie’s classic story was a massive undertaking that took nearly two decades to produce, and came during the studio’s renaissance in feature filmmaking in the 1950s when it released other achievements like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Alice in Wonderland. The film also came at a transition for the studio – as it was constructing Disneyland to open in 1955, it moved to distributing its own films through Buena Vista, with Peter Pan acting as the last film distributed by long-time partner RKO. Also, this film was the last which its original core animators, the “Nine Old Men,” all worked on as many became directors or took on other roles within the company. Here is the British quad for Peter Pan for its original release in the U.K., featuring lively and colorful artwork of the eponymous character, the Darlings, Captain Hook and other major characters, and Neverland. The poster showed light wear in the edges and folds along with minor chips and minute tears in the left side of the background before restoration, which has addressed these issues by airbrushing parts of the borders, folds, and the chips and tears, and other parts of the folds were treated with delicate regular and/or color touchup, including in the title. The line was also trimmed to the borders.

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Bobby Driscol, Hans Conreid, Kathrine Beaumont




Very Good


United Kingdom


30 x 40


Clyde Geronimi


Adventure, Animation, Family