RAMBO FIRST BLOOD PART II – Art Print 2020 Mondo by Francesco Francavilla, regular!


A Limited Edition Art Print (with art by Francesco Francavilla) 61 x 91 cm

Rambo: First Blood Part 2, the 1985 George P. Cosmatos military Vietnam war action sequel (“They sent him on a mission and set him up to fail. But they made one mistake. They forgot they were dealing with Rambo.”; “No man, no law, no war can stop him.”; “Story by Kevin Jarre”; “Based on characters created by David Morrell”; “Screenplay by Sylvester Stallone and James Cameron”) starring Sylvester Stallone (in the title role as John Rambo), Richard Crenna, Charles Napier, Steven Berkoff, and Julia Nickson-Soul

Artist: Francesco Francavilla

Condition: Excellent

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Francesco Francavilla