The Fly/The Wasp Woman – UK Quad – Double Bill


the 1960s English double-bill release of The Fly, the classic 1958 Kurt Neuman science fiction (sci-fi) fantasy romantic horror thriller (“Once it was human — even as you and I!”; “For your own good we urge you not to see it alone!”; “The fly that was buzzing around the house had once been her loving husband!”; “She had to kill the thing her husband had become – but could she?”; “If she looked upon the horror her husband had become, SHE WOULD SCREAM FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE!”; “The monster created by atoms gone wild!”; “In CinemaScope and Terror-Color by De Luxe!”; “The first atomic mutation on humans has been shown on the screen!”; “Based on a Story by George Langelaan”; “Screen Play by James Clavell”; very original in its day, about a scientist who invents a “teleportation device” and then tests it on himself, but unfortunately, a small fly is in the machine and his atoms become mingled with those of the fly, resulting in a man with a fly’s head and hand, and a fly with a man’s head, and he must find the fly in hopes of reversing the process) starring Al Hedison (billed here as “Al Hedison”, sometimes billed as David Hedison, and sometimes billed as Al “David” Hedison), Patricia OwensVincent PriceHerbert MarshallKathleen FreemanBetty Lou GersonCharles Herbert, Eugene Borden, and Torben Meyer AND The Wasp Woman, the classic 1959 Roger Corman giant bug insect science fiction (sci-fi) thriller (“A beautiful woman by day – a lusting queen wasp by night!”; “SEE: Strong men forced to satisfy a passion no human knows!”; “SEE: A beautiful woman by day – a lusting queen wasp by night!”) starring Susan Cabot (in the title role as the wasp woman), Fred Eisley, Barbara Morrison, William Roerick, and Michael Mark. Note that this movie was guilty of one of the most blatant cases of “false advertising”, in an industry filled with unfulfilled promises! The poster for this movie shows a giant wasp with a woman’s head, while the movie delivers a normal sized woman with a real fake looking wasp head!.

Overall Condition and Pre-Restoration Defects with Quality of Restoration: very good. The poster had pretty minor fold and border wear, with a few smudges and scuffs scattered in the image. Overall, the poster was in very good condition prior to linenbacking. The poster was nicely backed, and displays well! Note that either the restorer who mounted the poster did not leave any excess linen around the edges of the poster, or possibly the owner of the poster chose to carefully trim off the excess, so that the poster would fit in a frame.

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