The Man with the Golden Arm – UK Quad


The Man with the Golden Arm (United Artists, 1955). Fine/Very Fine on Linen.¬†British Quad (30″ X 40″). Saul Bass Artwork.
This very scarce British quad features the bold artwork of Saul Bass, creator of memorable logos for many great films. Bass cleverly chose the black paper cut-out of a twisted heroin addict’s arm, noting that the arm is the single most powerful image of real addiction. That he stamped both the opening credits and most of the poster artwork with this central image, and not that of Frank Sinatra’s famous face, was a stroke of genius. A groundbreaking design in the world of posters and highly prized by collectors. Professional touchup has been applied to some surface wear in the purple background and a couple of the folds. Unaddressed wear includes fold wear, a few minor chips and paper lifts, unobtrusive staining, as well as faint toning at the folds.

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