The Man With The Golden Gun – Japanese


Ian Fleming’s The Man with the Golden Gun, the 1974 Guy Hamilton English James Bond 007 secret agent spy espionage fantasy action adventure thriller (“The world’s greatest villains tried to kill James Bond”; “Now it’s Scaramanga’s turn to try”; “Dr. No. He couldn’t kill Bond with a cyanide cigarette and the world’s largest tarantula”; “Rosa Kleb. She couldn’t kill Bond with an assassin trained from birth.”; “Goldfinger and Odd Job. They couldn’t split Bond in half with a laser beam or with the world’s deadliest hat.”; “Blofeld. He tried to kill Bond with a deadly virus and ten of the most beautiful women in the world.”; “A solid gold fountain pen that screws into the body of a gold cigarette lighter. A gold cigarette that is snapped into place form a handle. A solid gold cuff link that becomes the trigger. A single gold bullet that is placed in the chamber.”; “The barrel of the gun a solid gold fountain pen”; “The hammer and bullet chamber: a solid gold cigarette lighter”; “The magazine hand grip: A solid gold cigarette case”; “The trigger: A solid gold cuff link”; “The man with the golden gun is ready to assassinate James Bond”; based on the novels by Ian Fleming) starring Roger Moore (in the title role “as James Bond 007”), Christopher Lee (in the title role as Francisco Scaramanga, The Man With the Golden Gun), Britt Ekland (as Mary Goodnight), Herve Villechaize, and Maud Adams
Artist: Robert McGinnis

Condition: very good to fine. There is a very light horizontal crease across the poster at upper and lower center from it being stored with posters that were tri-folded. It is on very nice condition!

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Britt Ekland, Christopher Lee, Roger Moore


Robert McGinnis










Guy Hamilton


Action, Adventure, Bond