Thunderball Promotional Poster (Voit, 1965).


Thunderball Promotional Poster (Voit, 1965). Very Fine+ on Linen. Poster (37″ X 60″).
Just when you thought you had seen everything on James Bond, comes this incredibly rare cross-promotional poster for AMF Voit Scuba gear. In 1957 AMF would buy Voit and then go on to become one of the most important makers of professional diving equipment. When the James Bond Producers needed diving gear for the incredible underwater sequences in Thunderball, Voit stepped in to provide everything the cast and crew would need. This poster depicts over 20 scenes in the movie where Voit diving gear is featured. Sean Connery, Claudine Auger, Adolfo Celi and Luciana Paluzzi are all featured on this poster as Bond takes on the diabolical forces of SPECTRE. Directed by Terence Young. The poster was folded at one time and has had minor touchup to these folds.

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