TWA San Francisco – David Klein Art


A: San Francisco, the 1950s/1960s (see below) airline aviation airplane travel poster encouraging travel to San Francisco aboard Trans World Airlines Airlines, and featuring art of the Golden Gate bridge by David Klein. Note that we have seen multiple versions of TWA: San Francisco posters with David Klein art. Some have a silhouette of a jet aircraft and some have an image of a prop-driven Constellation aircraft. We think the one with the Constellation image dates from the 1950s, and the jet silhouette dates from the 1960s.
Artist: David Klein

Condition: good to very good. The poster was never folded. It has a small amount of slight discoloration along portions of the lower edge (extending upward into the art of the ship at lower center). Otherwise, the poster has only some minor edge wear and it is in pretty nice condition. One could certainly choose to display the poster as is (especially since the very slight discoloration at bottom is not very noticeable or distracting when the poster is displayed – see our image) or after linenbacking (when it is likely that most of the slight discoloration can be removed chemically during the process) it would look great!

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