Woodstock Over the Dock, AP 12/20 by Rob Kaz (DHM, 2017)


Woodstock Over the Dock, AP 12/20 by Rob Kaz (DHM, 2017). Rolled, Near Mint/Mint. Hand Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Giclée Printed Canvas (26.5″ X 44″).
Alternative Movie Posters has expanded its base of artists, fans, and galleries over the last decade and a half as collecting has equally developed from the mass-produced film posters of decades past to these high-quality, limited edition prints. These exclusive giclée and silkscreen offerings are part pop culture and part fine art, illustrating unique reimagining’s of cult cinema created by some of the most renowned commercial and comic art illustrators of the day. Known for selling out of stock within mere minutes when offered online by the individual artist, these prints also make their special debuts at collaborating galleries and such famed events like the San Diego and New York Comic Cons. Ultimately, these highly sought-after prints have become coveted items among movie fans and play a greater part in the future of the collecting hobby. This limited run poster was released by Dark Hall Mansion in 2017 with Rob Kaz and is hand signed and numbered AP 12/20. The poster has never been used or displayed. Only the most minimal signs of handling to the exterior of the poster due to storage are acceptable.

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