Wrigley’s Gum (Wrigley’s, 1950s).


Wrigley’s Gum (Wrigley’s, 1950s). Very Fine.¬†Posters (2) (11″ X 21″). Advertising.
Offered in this lot are two vintage advertising posters for Wrigley’s chewing gum. One poster is advertising Juicy Fruit, and features the image of the “different, delicious” gum package and a smiling woman in the background. The other poster is advertising Spearmint with the image of the gum package and the words, “Delicious! Healthful!” and “Get a package or two today!” Unrestored posters with bright color and clean overall appearances. They may have general signs of use, such as mild edge wear, faint creases, and/or minor stains and smudges.

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