Have you seen Blade Runner 2049 yet?  Did you think it was as good as the original, or maybe even better?

As a rule movie sequels rarely live up to the hype of their predecessors.  We’ll just say ‘Grease 2’ and leave it there.   However there are always exceptions.  Buzzfeed have a list of 17 sequels which were better than their original.  ‘Toy Story 2’ is in there at No.1.

We’re not suggesting which category Blade Runner 2049 belongs to (better or worse than the original) as a movie.  But we all agree that this original poster for the 1982 movie is way classier than that of the sequel.

Featuring an almost unrecognisable Harrison Ford (well it was 35 years ago), a sultry Sean Young and hideously creepy looking baddie Rutger Hauer, this poster is the UK version designed by Frenchman Jouineau Bourduge.

At the bottom of this poster is a curious choice of promotion, the chance to win a VW Polo – not sure that particular car features in the movie!  On the other bottom corner is a mention for the ‘exciting Granada paperback book’ featuring different artwork.  It’s almost like getting two for the price of one.

Vintage Movie Art is currently selling a copy of this UK quad original 1982 poster for £395.

Meanwhile if you haven’t yet seen the new version then do the studio a favour and go.  They need the box office revenue seeing as it cost a whopping $155 million to make and earned just $60 million in the first two weeks.  You’ll be doing yourself a favour too – it’s a great movie with an amazing soundtrack and a great way to switch off and escape for nearly three hours!