PULP FICTION Art Print 2014 Mondo – Art by Laurent Durieux


A Limited Edition Art Print (with art by Laurent Durieux) 61 x 91 cm

Pulp Fiction, the classic 1994 Quentin Tarantino (nominated for the Best Director Academy Award for this film) organized crime hit men murder revenge robbery thriller (“From the creator of Reservoir Dogs”; “From the creator of ‘True Romance’ & ‘Reservoir Dogs'”; “Pulp [pulp] n. 1. a soft, moist, shapeless mass of matter. 2. a book containing lurid subject matter, and being characteristically printed on rough, unfinished paper.”; “You won’t know the facts until you see the fiction.”; nominated for Best Picture Academy Award) starring John Travolta (nominated for the Best Actor Academy Award for this film; as Vincent Vega, “The Hitman”; “You play with matches, you get burned.”), Samuel L. Jackson (nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for this film; as Jules Winnfield “The Preacher”; “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides”), Uma Thurman (nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for this film; as Mia Wallace “The Big Man’s Wife”; “I can keep it a secret if you can.”), Harvey Keitel (as Winston ‘The Wolf’ Wolfe; “I don’t smile in pictures.”), Tim Roth (as Pumpkin/Ringo), Ving Rhames (as Marsellus Wallace), Rosanna Arquette (as Jody), Christopher Walken (as Koons), Bruce Willis (as Butch “The Boxer”; “He was dead before he ever stepped into the ring.”), Amanda Plummer (as Honey Bunny/Yolanda), Eric Stoltz, and Quentin Tarantino (as Jimmie)

Artist: Laurent Durieux

Condition: fine

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Laurent Durieux